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As a stay at home mother, wife, and small business owner, I know firsthand how both challenging and rewarding it is to run a small business! I am inspired daily by women who have managed to achieve the same success despite their busy lives. Join me in celebrating their triumphs by hearing their stories.

Blue Heaven Blocks

Owned and operated by: Diana Halleran

My Story

“I’m currently a busy working mother of one amazing kid, soon to be mother of two amazing kids and

even busier! When I was expecting my first child, I saw plenty of decorative baby name blocks but they were so expensive and never in quite the right colors to suit my son’s nursery. I decided to make my own. Once I finished and my son’s name was on display on his nursery shelf, waiting for my baby became even more magical. It somehow made him feel like even more of a person. I felt closer to him than I had until that point. As I waited for his arrival, I would often sit in his nursery, rocking in his chair and admiring the little heaven that I had created for him.

I was among the first of my girlfriends to have a baby. As the bellies of my friends eventually started to grow, one by one, I enjoyed watching them go through the same sense of wonder and emotional transformation that I had gone through. I wanted to share the magic of seeing their baby’s name every time they walked into their empty and waiting nurseries. So I started making baby name blocks for them, customized to their baby’s name and nursery colors. This became something of a hobby for me. I figured, why not open it up to even more families? And that’s how Blue Heaven Blocks eventually came into being. Blue Heaven refers to the calm, relaxed and positive state of mind I experienced waiting for my baby in the sanctuary I had created for him. This state of mind is not altogether different than the feeling you have after a really good workout.”

My Inspiration

“My husband is my inspiration. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff and he knows what’s truly important in life. These traits have made him the most amazing husband and father I could have dreamt of. He honestly hadn’t taken much interest in the baby’s nursery décor until I made the blocks. Once they were made though, he felt the same way about the power of putting a name to the growing baby. In fact, it’s driving us both nuts that we haven’t settled on a name for our next baby, due in 4 weeks!”

My Fit Life

“I’ve been a runner for years. I ran through much of my first pregnancy and had plenty of time to balance it with some strength training. After having an emergency cesarean, I was extremely grateful that I had kept up with my fitness. It definitely sped up my recovery and gave me the strength I needed to take care of a new baby and myself. At times it feels like most of the running I’ve done during this current pregnancy is after a toddler but I definitely seek out the time and energy to take care of my fitness as much as I can in addition to the toddler-chasing regimen. Not only am I looking forward to the labor, delivery, and recovery benefits, but I’m hoping this lifestyle will help me keep up with my

rowdy boys far into the future.”

Ready to shop??

Enter code LMF2016 upon checkout and receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more through the end of May!

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