Memorial Day: A Day to Remember

As an Army wife, my love for this country is something that I can't necessarily put into exact words. It's not because it's perfect, or because every day is sunshine and rainbows. Rather, my love for this country stems from the love I have for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that I could live freely each and every day. Just as Jesus laid his life down for us, our Soldiers have and continue to do so in an effort to keep our country safe. I have to love our country. I owe it to them to love, honor, and cherish every single day I have on this earth.

Memorial Day comes around each year. Sadly, for so many years its meaning has been lost. I'm not saying you can't have BBQ's or go floating down the river with friends. The last Monday in May most certainly does mean that summer days are upon us. It's ok to be happy on Memorial Day but don't mind me if I cringe and bite my lip when you wish me a, "Happy Memorial Day".

Perhaps it's because we've desensitized ourselves as a way to shield our hearts from the tragedies of war. Maybe it's because somewhere along the way, our ideals have shifted and the loss of a pop icon somehow outweighs the loss of six 18 year old Soldiers killed by a roadside bomb on patrol. Whatever the case may be, here's my plea: Make it right. Whatever you're doing right now, just stop. Quiet your mind, take in a deep breath of freedom, look around you, and remember that this life is yours and has been protected by selfless men and women, who have fought and died for you. Honor. Remember. Give Thanks.

As a tribute, I have put together a short AMRAP for you to complete. You have 10 minutes to get in as many rounds as possible with the following exercises:

10 reps of each:

Weighted Squats

Kettle Bell Swings


Jumping Lunges

Today, I dedicated this workout to some of the bravest men I know along with countless others. I thank them each and every day for looking after my husband and keeping him safe. They are will will always be his guardian angels.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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