Fitness for Life: 5 Tips for Starting and Keeping Your New Fitness Routine

Starting anything new can be a little daunting. You know what you want but without the right tools, it's very easy to give up before you even get started. After several years experience in the fitness industry, I have come up with 5 solid tips on how to start and keep your new fitness routine.

1. Start Small: Make a list of all of your goals and organize them into short term and long term. Set yourself up for success by focusing on creating a foundation for your fitness journey. What's something that you could easily start tomorrow? Take a walk around the block before work? 10 minute circuit after work? Every time you reach a goal, move onto the next one. Remember, it doesn't matter how fast or how slow you reach your goals. This is YOUR journey and it's however you make it.

2. Plan Ahead: Once you've figured out your goals, now is time to figure out your plan. To start your week, look over your schedule and create a plan of attack. Create fitness appointments for yourself--if it's on the calendar, then it's gotta happen!

3. Find Your Tribe: There are men and women all over the world starting in the same place as you.

Why not join a community of people that you can work along side with? Find a gym with a fun class schedule, find a local running group, find a bootcamp at a local park, or join an online community. With how busy our schedules are, online training has gained incredible popularity. You have the convenience of being able to complete your workouts on your own schedule but still have the interaction and support from your online community. Having others to help you stay accountable will not only help you stay on track, but will in turn help them too!

4. Have a Back Up Plan: Let's face it. Sometimes plans fail. That's life! When things come up, don't let it derail you completely. Always have a back up plan. If you were planning on going for a run and it starts to rain, go do some squats and pushups in the garage. Get out of work too late and miss your class? Set your alarm an hour earlier and make the morning class! Do a tabata during your lunch break. Remember, everything counts!

5. Celebrate Every Victory: No matter how big or how small, a win is still a win! Even if the scale has hardly moved, are your clothes fitting better? Are you finding more energy during the day? Are you happier? Every little thing counts. They will all add up to something great! Celebrate everything, no matter how big or how small.

By implementing these 5 simple tips, you will not only start your fitness journey, but you'll be more likely to keep it going! Ready to get started?

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