Fitness for Life: Keep It Simple, Mama.

I'm not sure when it happened, but somehow fitness has become really complicated. So many claim to have THE best fitness program, or THE best kept secret of fitness and you can only get it from them. For some reason, picking up a pair of dumbbells isn't good enough anymore. Nope! You've got to go upside-down and try to do a pushup without falling on your head and breaking your neck. You've got to run the fasted, be the most flexible, lift the heaviest, lose the most, be the strongest... you catch my drift?

Just hold up for a second and let's remember why exercise is so important and why it's recommended to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. Let's step back and remember why we want to make good food choices and strive for balance in our lives. Oh, right. Our health. We exercise and eat well to keep our bodies healthy. We exercise to elevate endorphin levels, fight depression, decrease stress, balance hormones, decrease heart disease, increase organ function, increase bone strength, to live a happy and healthy life and to feel great in our own skin! That's not complicated. Right?

Entering into the fitness community now can be really overwhelming. Everyone is telling you something different. Everyone has the magic beans. But you know what? You know why I love fitness so much? Because it really truly is for everyone. I'll let you in on my secret. Everything counts. Doing anything is better than nothing. Fitness is about creating a routine that works for you and sticking to it. If all you can do for exercise each day is walk around the block, then do it. Commit to taking a walk around the block 5 out of 7 days a week for a month. I bet you by that last week, you'll want to go a little farther or a little faster. Heck, I bet you might even feel like you want to run around that block. The next month, you might decide you want to run a 5k. You've got this, mama! If all you have time for is one set of 10 squats before you go to work each day, then squat it out! I can almost guarantee that after a month of 10 squats each morning, you'll figure out a way to add in 10 more.

Bottom line, don't over complicate things. Start with what you've got and remember that our bodies were made to move. We were blessed with the tools to create a healthy life. It's just a matter of using those God given tools. If you need help figuring out how or where to start, just ask! You can do this. Just pick your path and take that first step. Enjoy the journey and give it hell.


Love Hard. Lift Heavy. Run Free.

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