Lilajay's Baked Goods: Making the world a happier place, one cookie at a time.

I am often asked how I approach food as a fitness professional. My answer? With an open mouth of course! Often times it's perceived that to be fit, one must commit to bland restrictive diets with little variation or excitement. My friends, that could be further from the truth! When you create a lifestyle of your own, dedicated to health and fitness, you live a life that is active, vibrant, and full of absolutely delicious foods! Even when it's time for a little treat, fueling your body and nourishing it with the best ingredients not only feels good and keeps you working towards your goals, but it feeds the soul.

Want to know what makes my soul incredibly happy? Cookies. But not just any cookie. Lilajay's Baked Goods is a local online bakery that is taking gluten free baking to a whole other universe! From melt in your mouth, iced oatmeal cookies to decadent cookie sandwiches, every bite is even better than the last. My personal favorites are the Chocolate-Peanut Butter O'Reallyz. Two chocolate cookies smooshed together by a smooth creamy "peanut butter dream" filling. HEAVEN. No really, HEAVEN! The best part? Lilajay's uses only the best ingredients. They call themselves artisan bakers, meaning they keep their batches small and personal, filled with good vibes and lots of love. They truly are all natural, high quality, organic, GMO free, ridiculously good, gluten freedom!

Having known Lila, one of the founders of Lilajay's for quite some time, I know these cookies come straight from the heart. When asked what inspires her in her daily life, she replied simply, "My mom for her kindness and unrelenting care for her children. My baby brother for being so smart and amazing. My husband for his patience and kindness. My friends for their unwavering belief in me. The stranger I smiled at and who smiled back. I am truly inspired by open heartedness and kindness. Be it from my animal friends or human, nothing inspires me more than love".

When she and her brother were diagnosed with Celiac, Lila took interest in learning about what foods and diets were available. Although gluten free options are now more readily available in most markets these days, she found the ingredients in most prepackaged products to be far less beneficial or healthy, with way too many additives. Having baked for her family and friends for years, she sought to create new recipes that were not only gluten free but full of nutrient rich, real ingredients. From there, Lilajay's was born!

Running your own online bakery that promises top quality ingredients doesn't come without its

challenges however. As Lila and her Husband Jay soon found out, GMO's seemed to be hiding in almost all of their cookie decorating supplies. As a result, they soon became experts at making their own organic based sugar sprinkles. If that doesn't show true commitment to excellence, then I don't know what does. Learn more about the dangers of GMO's and why you should avoid them here.

So what's next for Lilajay's? Word on the street is that pretty soon they'll be going completely vegan! Encouraged by their love for all animals, they plan to remove all dairy from their products. Perfect for those with other food sensitivities. I am so looking forward to trying out those yummy bites!

In the meantime, head on over to Lilajay's for a chance to delight in some incredibly amazing treats with FREE shipping for the next week! Upon checkout, enter the discount code: California. For an added bonus, mention Lauren Mott Fitness in the comments section and you'll receive an extra sweet treat in your order! Did someone say free cookies?! This delicious deal is also valid through

Thanks for letting me share your gluten freedom goodness Lilajay’s! Keep on spreading those feel good cookie vibes!

Don't forget to follow Lilajay's on Facebook and Instagram!

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