Fit Travel: Lower Body Resistance Loop Workout

As most of you know, my family and I have had the opportunity to travel abroad this summer. These past 4 weeks, we have spent in London. Although this is the first city in Europe I've ever experienced, it has captured me in so many ways. So much history, culture, and places to explore. I keep telling my husband, "I could live here. I could do this." Those who know me, know that this is a HUGE deal. As a self-proclaimed homebody, the fact that I have found myself at home in a place so far out of my comfort zone has been eye-opening. The memories from this summer will be true treasures for our family.

One thing that I do miss besides our sweet pups, family, and friends, is my garage gym. My own private sanctuary where I can crush legs and knockout cardio in one fell swoop. I miss my Bella Bar, dumbbells, and medicine balls! There is something to be said however, about the challenge of stepping out of one's comfort zone and finding ways to stay in shape when traveling.

Sharing just one suitcase between my daughter and me, I had to bring equipment that I know is extremely effective and TINY. I packed my heaviest resistance band (15-25 lb. resistance), and some resistance loops (varying in resistance). As most of my clients will assure you, my favorite day EVER is Leg Day! So I thought I'd put together a fantastic little circuit that you can complete pretty much anywhere. Don't let a change in routine disrupt your progress. Just adapt as you can :)

Lower Body Circuit using Heavy Resistance Loop

5-6 rounds, 15-20 reps per exercise, rest for about 30 seconds between each round. Complete exercises back to back with minimal rest. Take a 30 second break before moving onto the next round.

*Always be sure to warm up and cool down before each workout. Remember! Your warmup is just as important as the workout itself.*

Happy Traveling!

1. Banded Squats

2. Banded Split Squats

3. Banded Side Pulse

4. Banded Back Pulse:

5. Jumping Stair Lunge

Here's a quick demo for each move! Don't forget your hashtags! #LMFworkout #LMFLegDay #Laurenmottfitness

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