Small Business, BIG Heart: Empowering Birth with Kimberly Dokos, Certified Doula

My Story

I am Kimberly Dokos. I was born and raised an Army brat and now I, myself have 5 little army brats. Some might say that alone is an army! But I wouldn't have it any other way. My oldest is 8 followed by a 6,5,3, and 1 year old tomorrow! I met my husband at Kansas State University and I couldn't have a better half to help me with our crew or support me through my passion of being a doula.

My Inspiration

I love birth! Everything about it. It took me until my 4th kid though to realize it can be an amazing, empowering experience. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan at the time of my Mila's birth. That is what made me feel like I needed to have control over my birth. He wasn't going to be there like he had in the past and I needed to feel safe and supported. So it was then that I learned about making informed decisions for a birth experience I desired. I wanted to try being in control and having a plan instead of letting the hospital staff run the show. And let me tell you, that was the best decision I could have made. I picked my midwife, I chose a natural birth and used hypnobabies for pain relief and I couldn't have asked for a more empowering, beautiful experience. Thus, it inspired me to become a doula.

---“I really feel that every birth I attend is a privilege.”---

My Mission

I want everyone to know they can have the birth that they want. Whether it is all natural or medicated, it’s YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR choice. I support women throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I provide information so they can make the best choices for themselves regarding their birth. I provide physical support through massage, positions, and use essential oils. I give words of affirmation to coach you through the entire process. I LOVE my job. I really feel that every birth I attend is a privilege. I know that sometimes it's not easy to allow another person into a birthing room. My role is not to step on toes or make partners feel less included. I am an added support and often times spouses are very glad that I am there so they have direction or even a break. I love witnessing a miracle!

--- “When I meet with clients I try to emphasize the importance of healthy food and fitness for the wellbeing of their growing baby and themselves.”---

My Fit Life

Taking care of yourself, especially if you are a mom is SO important. I didn't realize how low I felt sometimes when I put my needs so far on the back burner. Moms should not be running on fumes and so many of us do. Lauren has really inspired me in taking care of myself. It’s for me, and my family. I participated in one of her AMP online training groups and she brought up an amazing point. Working out is a gift to yourself. It truly is. Everyone needs that time to sweat some stress out and feel good about themselves. You will never regret it. Now that I am in better shape I have more energy to care for my family, not to mention the endurance to care for clients during long labors. Eating right is also a top priority of mine lately. I finally kicked the can. The coke can to the curb! I feel SO much better now that I'm not drinking a ton of soda, not to mention how much my skin has improved. For the last three months my husband and I have been meal prepping. It has cut back on spending and I know what is actually going into my body.

When I meet with clients I try to emphasize the importance of healthy food and fitness for the wellbeing of their growing baby and themselves. I can see a difference in the mamas who take good care of themselves. They have more endurance and strength during their birthing time.

My Vision

One day, when we aren't moving from duty station to duty station, I would love to have an actual location to meet my clients. I would love to have massage therapists, a nutritionist, personal trainers, and chiropractors, all working together to help meet every need of my mamas-to-be. It might be a bit much but hey, a girl can dream! Every mother truly deserves an amazing birth experience.


Kimberly is currently offering her services as a doula in the surrounding Ft. Bragg, NC area. For up to date information as well as availability, you can follow her on Facebook at: Kimberly Dokos: Certified Doula

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