It's Time to Kick the Holiday Guilt

Just a few of my favorite people! So thankful for these sweet faces.

My all time favorite holiday is tomorrow! Thanksgiving holds so many great memories growing up with my family. Baking the day before, waking up early to start the turkey, wearing pajamas all day, football, ALL THE FOOD. As I got older, I cherished these moments even more. So much happiness. So much to be thankful for.

You know what really gets me down? Seeing so many posts, ads, and articles about "beating the holiday bulge" and "burning off the turkey". Seeing people selling workouts that guarantee to help you "fight the holiday jiggle". Why on earth would I want to associate my favorite holiday with something negative? Why in the world should I make myself or any of you feel like you need to "earn" your thanksgiving meal? That is not what you should be thinking about during such a special and festive time of year, right?

I'm going to make this really simple for ya. Food is fuel. That's it. Yes, there are certain foods you don't want to eat in excess everyday. Thanksgiving meals are usually pretty heavy. But you know what? One meal isn't going to ruin all of your goals. Your waistline isn't going to magically increase by 3 sizes if you have a second helping of pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream on Thanksgiving.

I'm so tired of exercise being used as a punishment for the consumption of "bad" food. Fitness should improve your life. It should make you feel good. Food should make you feel good. Got it? So, will you do me a favor? Will you go and have a great Thanksgiving? Will you not stress if you didn't get your workout in before you dig in? You deserve to enjoy the holidays just as much as anyone else.

Yesterday morning, I had a little extra time before heading out with the fam for the day. (We went to an apple cider mill and drank hot cider and ate sugared donuts...YUM!) This lower body workout was just what I needed to feel strong and it gave me a little extra boost of energy to take on the day!

Set the clock for 15-20 minutes and work through as many rounds as you can within the allotted time. Complete exercises 1-4 back to back with minimal rest. Take a break before starting the next round if you need it.

Equipment: Resistance band & resistance loop

1. Resistance Band Squat x 10

2. Adductor Shuffle x 5 to the right x 5 to the left

3. Deadlift x 10

4. Hamstring Curl x 10 each leg

Here's a video!

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