Your No Resolution Checklist for 2017 and Beyond

It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started making resolutions. I felt like I needed an overhaul on my life and the thought of resolutions seemed uplifting. Freeing. But over time, I’ve come to see the burden that these resolutions often place on our lives.

January starts out with a flurry of energy, you’re ready to go and make this year your year. And then…Life happens. Resolutions get put on hold. By summer, you’ve already decided you’ve failed and spend the rest of the year holding off until the start of the new year again… This isn’t helpful. Failure never feels good. It’s time we change our thinking and refuse to subject ourselves to the perpetual feeling of failure that New Year’s resolutions often bring.

Instead, I want you to think of just moving forward by keeping these few things in mind.

1. If you’re going to have goals, make sure they pertain specifically to you, in your life. Think about how your life is set up and the time you really have to achieve that goal you have in mind. Be realistic.

2. Limit your expectations. Your life is ever changing. This needs to be built into your plans. Understand that just because something is written down on paper doesn’t mean it’s automatically transferred to stone. One can still have high standards without high expectations. Think highly of yourself. Live to be your best self. But give yourself a break every now and then.

3. Toss out those old “skinny jeans” and buy yourself a new pair of pants. This goes for anything you’ve had buried in your closet that you haven’t touched in 5, 10, 15 years. We can't go back in time. Go and buy yourself a pair of pants that fit.

4. Move daily with intention. Have you ever been at the grocery store and gotten so distracted and dazed that when you get home you realize you’ve bought things twice and forgotten the main ingredients to dinner? Yea, that’s not a great way to go through life. Take each day as an opportunity to make small changes that will in turn make your day, week, life better. We don’t have time to walk in circles. And we definitely do not have time to go back to the grocery store.

5. Embrace your passion. What makes you come alive? What’s that one thing you wanted to be when you grew up that somewhere down the road you were convinced was too far-fetched or out of reach? What makes your heart swell, gives you chills, speaks to your soul? Embrace it. Allow it into your life somehow. Let it bring you the joy you know it inevitably will. I’m not saying quit your day job but don’t quit your day dream either ok?

6. Speak positively. Your voice, whether it’s your inner monolog or you’re speaking out loud, is the voice that you are going to hear most often. You know how easily you can talk yourself out of something. You also know how easy it is to convince yourself of inadequacy. BE AWARE. Be mindful. Be kind to yourself.

7. Show yourself compassion. Number 6 and 7 go hand in hand. Why is it so easy for us to give to others but it’s so difficult to receive? Why is it that so many of us struggle with self-care even when we know how badly we need it? Go pour yourself a glass of wine, soak in that warm tub, treat yourself! Rest and recovery are integral players in ultimate forward motion.

8. Brush off the haters. Seriously, brush them off. Say goodbye and never look back. You’re busy moving forward. You’re making positive motion. You really don’t have time for negativity in your life.

Ok, a little harsh. But honestly, choose likeminded people. Build your tribe of positive thinkers. You are the company that you keep. And if you can’t fully say goodbye to Nancy just yet, maybe share this checklist with her and see if she’ll come around.

9. Give yourself a lifetime. Why only give yourself a year? Why only focus on making that certain year your best year yet? Why not make it your best life? Every day is an opportunity to grow, fulfill and LIVE. Do that. LIVE. Have purpose. Move forward.

If there’s just one thing I hope you take away from this, it’s to keep your eyes open. Tunnels are boring. The world is vibrant and alive and full of opportunity. Live in it daily. Give yourself time. Speak kindly. Move forward.

Love Hard.

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If you’re like me, visual reminders always help. I’ve created some printable affirmations for you. Put them on your bathroom mirror, in your bedroom, on your refrigerator… Anywhere you will have a chance to pause and think for a moment before going on with your day. Thanks for reading and as always, I’d love to hear from you!

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