Birth Experience: Part 1

As many of you have asked recently, I thought I would finally sit down and try to share about the birth of my son this past December. It wasn't until I actually attempted to sit down and write that I realized how truly difficult this story is for me to tell. So yesterday, I found a window while both babes were sleeping (I have no idea how I did that!) to sit down and just talk.

A few minutes in, I realized how necessary it was for me to talk this through. So today, you're getting part 1. This is completely unedited. I had no notes in front of me. I literally had no idea what I was even going to say until I just started.

After replaying it, more details started to emerge, so honestly my timing of events is a bit off. But truth be told, I really haven't wanted to relive a lot of it.

One amazing thing came through for me however in helping me heal a bit more. I did have a wonderful, and amazing delivery! It was necessary for me to acknowledge that. There was so much beauty in this labor and I am thankful for that experience. I needed this conversation to realize that my delivery and post-delivery experience needed to be considered separate from each other.

So that is where we'll begin. Next week, I'll be sharing my post-delivery experience and give you a bit of an update on where I am with recovery and my experience navigating this new life as a mom of two. Enjoy!

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