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Are you a busy, hardworking woman, ready to create an active healthy lifestyle, unique to you, that is sustainable?


Are you tired of the quick fixes, extreme workouts, and the pressure of typical “body back” messaging?

Are you ready to begin a program that focuses on creating a strong, properly functioning body where you can tackle any of life’s adventures with ease and confidence?


Are you ready to start implementing fitness safely and effectively back into your life after having a baby, by focusing on your core and pelvic floor first?

Are you currently expecting and want to be able to follow a fitness program that is easy, safe, and affordable WITH a trainer to guide you through your journey?




You are absolutely in the right place, and I’m so happy you’re here. 

Having spent years in the fitness industry, I’ve noticed a common thread in women’s fitness. And to be honest, it’s been a long road navigating through all the white noise. Why does fat-loss have to be our only goal? Why isn’t there a greater emphasis on building a strong, properly functioning body instead? Not only is this an issue I’ve faced as a trainer, but as a new mother too. 

When I was making my way back to exercise after having my daughter about two years ago, I couldn’t believe how little information there was about how to heal my core and pelvic floor. But there were plenty of not so great resources on how to “lose the baby weight fast”.

It wasn’t until I was almost 10 months postpartum that I found out I had diastasis recti, even though I’d requested to be checked at my 6-week postpartum appointment. 

This urged me to find my own way, ask questions, and find a network of professionals who were seeking the same answers for themselves and for the women they work with.


This is ultimately how my path as a pre and postnatal fitness professional formed. And it has deepened my desire to be a strong voice for all women, providing a different perspective on health and fitness. One that is created around your unique life and goals.  

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I want you to know that I am here for you, that I understand you, and that there is a better way to do fitness. 

What if I told you...

-You didn’t need to spend hours in the gym?

-That there was a simpler, more effective way that supported your changing body? 

-That I could guide you through exercise safely, injury free, helping you create a sustainable, active lifestyle?

-That there is a community of women waiting to greet you, encourage you, and support you?

Here’s how to get started:

1. Become a member of Strength For All Seasons by choosing a membership plan.

2. Create your member’s account and receive immediate access to the member’s portal AND a link to your very own VIP facebook page.

3. Upon completion of your New Client Questionnaire located in your VIP facebook group, together, we will then determine which program will best suit your needs.

When you become a member of Strength for All Seasons, you will receive:


1. Access to all training guides:

-The New Mama’s Guide, a 12 week program for core, pelvic floor, and total body strengthening after pregnancy.


-The Run Free Guide, a 10 week program for beginner’s or postpartum runners to safely and effectively return to running.


2. New training programs (First Steps to Strength or Amp Strength) every four weeks that will meet your needs wherever you are in your fitness journey.


3. Nutritional support including tried and true recipes that are quick, easy, and TASTY!


4. LIVE coaching from yours truly, covering all topics health and fitness including extra coaching on specific exercises and cues.


5. Access to over 100 video demonstrations to help you with form and technique


6. Additional private coaching from ME in our VIP facebook group


7. EXTRAS! Printable PDF’s to help with meal prep/planning and goal setting, and NEW glute building and core strength circuits to add to each workout or perform on their own on those super busy days.  

As a member of Strength for All Seasons, you will:

-Learn how to exercise effectively and safely without spending more than 30 minutes on a workout.

-Gain knowledge about your core and pelvic floor and how to implement proper breathing techniques during exercise.

-Become confident in strength training, using a variety of equipment and exercises.

-Improve overall health.

-Increase energy.

-Recover and regain strength after pregnancy.

-Increase overall strength, flexibility, and create a strong, properly functioning body.

-You will never be alone in this journey, as you are supported by a tribe of other women looking for a better way to health and fitness. 

Sample LMF Workout!

Ready to get started?? 

For just one payment of $225, you will receive 6 months worth of programming by purchasing the Elite Membership. 

Or you can choose the LMF Monthly Membership for $42/month 

It’s time for you to be listened to, to be understood, to be encouraged, to feel amazing, strong, and confident. You deserve it!  

“I have absolutely loved working with Lauren! She is so encouraging and has the ability to make workouts efficient, enjoyable and challenging without being too strenuous. Even my 2 year old loved to get in on the action!”


Lauren is the owner of Lauren Mott Fitness, a proud military spouse, and mama to a sweet little girl. 

She is a certified personal trainer and specializes in pre and postnatal fitness.


It is her mission to help women discover their strength and provide them with the tools to creating a sustainable, active lifestyle. 

These programs are for:

-Busy, hardworking women


-New mamas 

Join the Strength for All Seasons Community and be prepared to feel:







I don’t have a lot of time for a long workout, can I do these in less than an hour?

Absolutely! My philosophy of training is geared towards a busy lifestyle. All workouts can be completed in less than 30 minutes per day.

Do I need a gym membership to do these workouts?

Nope! All programs are created for minimal equipment and perfect for the at-home setting. Depending on your program, all you will need are resistance bands and dumbbells. I also suggest resistance loops to increase intensity of certain exercises, that is optional.

I’ve never strength trained before, can I still do these workouts?

Yes! You will have everything you need to learn the basics of strength training and will feel confident to complete any exercise in no time!

What if I have extra questions about certain exercises within the programs?

That’s what our facebook page is for! Post any questions you have, and I will answer them for you ASAP. 

“Lauren was so encouraging throughout my training sessions. I loved the ability to make the workouts fit into my schedule! No matter what state or time zone I was in, I knew I could get my session done!”



Don't miss your chance to become a member of Strength for All Seasons. Let's get started Mama!